AWS Programming and Tools has chosen to use the BigBlueButton videoconferencing system for our meetups. To join our meetups, go here.

Connecting to BigBlueButton

Go to the link, enter your name, and then click the Join button. You’ll only be able to join the meeting once the room has been opened by the organisers – we’ll let you know in Slack when it’s started.

Virtual Meetup Etiquette

Webcams and Microphones

We will have webcams turned off for everyone by default. This is to improve the performance of the server – the session will run very slowly if everyone has their webcams on.

Attendees’ microphones will be muted during the presentation. Once the workshop portion of the event begins, we will unmute microphones and allow users to speak. Please use the chatbox in the first instance, and only unmute your microphone if you’re unable to get an answer by text.

Getting Help

If you need help with something, then you can post your question in the chatbox. One of our volunteers will then bring you into a dedicated breakout room where you’ll be able to share your screen and get help.

Off-Topic Discussions

If you want to have a discussion about something that’s not related to the workshop, or you’re done and want to converse, then please let the organisers know. We’ll move you into a breakout room where you can continue your conversation without interrupting other attendees.


  • Development computer with AWS account, see Dev Machine Setup
  • Webcam and headset for Audio and Video participation
  • Latest version of Chrome, Edge or Safari in your machine


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