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services used in this workshop

I am a cyber security student, but I also like to learn about other areas of the IT industry. I use many different platforms and resources to pick up technical knowledge. I am an inquisitive person!

AWS is one of the most popular cloud service providers. Due to its popularity, there is a massive increase in the number of AWS certified developers and solution architects. I started using AWS about 6 months ago. As a result, I developed an interest in cloud computing and its applications. This led me to the Melbourne AWS Programming and Tools meetup. The meetup is advertised on Meetup.com, as well as the meetup’s Slack channel.

I attended the meetup held on the 10th of April at DeakinCo., titled “Application with containers Fargate, EKS, Cloud9, Code Pipeline, CloudWatch”. The meetup kicked off with some delicious pizza and non-alcoholic drinks, which were sponsored by Halcyon Knights. I would like to thank DeakinCo. for the venue and Halcyon Knights for the food. Without them, it wouldn’t have been possible to improve our AWS skills at this meetup.

AWS Team

The session was presented by Sarathkumar Vancheeswaran, and focused on building applications with containers, Fargate, ECS/EKS, Cloud9 and CloudWatch. To demonstrate, we built an application called ‘Mythical Mysfits’. We started with a monolith application, and containerised it using Docker.  Then, we pushed it to the Elastic Container Registry, and deployed it using ECS. We used the Application Load Balancer to distribute incoming requests to our running containers. Finally, we split the monolith application into microservices, which we deployed using Fargate.

The presenters explained in detail how to set up and deploy the application. They also came around the room to help people when required. By the end of the session, everyone understood the basics of using containers on AWS, as well as the advantages over traditional hosting. As a beginner, I found the workshop very informative.

learning about ECS fargate

The most engaging part was that everyone at the meetup shared their experiences. Attendees were willing to work together to complete the task. It was a great experience for me to work with people with more professional experience; attendees, organisers, and presenters alike.  

I would have liked the event to run longer, as I felt that I could have learned more if I had more time to complete the task. However, the workshop has a well organised repository, so we were able to continue the task at home.

Hopefully, advertising the meetup through blog posts and social events will result in even more people joining the workshops. I am looking forward to attending future events.

Architecture of workshop application for containers

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Lemi Acay · May 6, 2019 at 6:06 pm

looks great guys thanks

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